Different Chiropractic Patients Require Different Adjustments


Whether you’ve never been to a chiropractor and are considering it, or have been a dozen times and are heading back for more, you may wonder if all patients are adjusted the same way. Perhaps you’ve seen the doctor work on other patients before and it looked similar to your adjustments. Maybe you’ve spoken with other chiropractic patients and they’ve told you about their experiences, which sound an awful lot like yours. While things may appear to be the same, every patient requires a different set of adjustments for the most accurate care.

Unique Situations

One patient might walk into the chiropractic office complaining of lower back pain. Upon further questioning and examination, the doctor might realize some adjustments in the neck could be the solution. A second patient could walk in moments later, complaining of lower back pain, to discover the hip needs an adjustment. Though some patients might seem to have the same complaint, their situations are unique and a chiropractor takes the time to figure out why they’re feeling the way they are and what the best adjustment will be for their unique situation.

Factors at Play

Something else to keep in mind is there are a variety of factors at play when chiropractors take a look at a handful of patients. For example, an elderly patient might not benefit from an adjustment an adolescent could benefit from, even if their cause of discomfort were the same. Chiropractors take age into consideration when deciding on adjustments, as well as other factors such as size, weight and your overall condition of physical and mental health.

The Doctor Is the Professional

If you’ve been talking to your friends and they’ve recommended a certain adjustment, remind yourself the chiropractor is the professional. Your friends and family members might have good intentions, but you should see a doctor before trying any adjustments on your own, or before allowing other untrained individuals to adjust your body. What works for one person might not be right for you, and your chiropractor will only complete an adjustment they feel will benefit you the most.

Contacting Your Chiropractor

To learn more about chiropractic adjustments and what you can do to relieve any ongoing pain you’re experiencing, get in touch with a chiropractor. Your course of adjustments will build upon the first, so let your doctor consider your unique situation and other factors that will determine the best course of action to follow. Contact your chiropractor today to get started.

Source: Chiropractor Glen Burnie, MD, Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab and Chiropractic